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Learn about the strategy, the system, and the founder of the 100 Post System, the #1 Content Creation system for the visibility you need for more sales in less time. Grow all of your social media channels at once, while building authentic connections with your audience.



When you are a company on social media, you are investing in social media to increase sales. How do we connect with clients authentically while also leading followers toward purchasing? Jasmine breaks it down in this video.

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"I started in digital marketing in 2008 and was an early adapter of social media as a tool for clients looking to grow their sales. Over the years I've identified the top five pain points, regardless of the platform, the trends, or the year - and I set out to solve every one of them while also minimizing the time a business owner would need to spend on their social media.

Top Reasons Small Businesses Don't Post Consistently:

  • Feeling Overwhelmed - Trying to keep up with trends and the best strategy for each platform is frustrating when everyone is giving conflicting advice.
  • No Time - Planning and creating content every day always falls to the bottom of the to-do list.
  • Nothing Sticks - How often have you worked to create the perfect post and it gets zero traction? It can often feel like you are throwing posts at the wall hoping something will stick, often with low results.
  • Don't Want To Be "salesy" - How does one sell WITHOUT selling?! How do you connect authentically but still SELL?! 
  • Not Feeling Confident - In your message, in your strategy, in your designs, on-camera... Social media can bring out the insecurity in the most confident business owner. Being unsure how you will be received, and trying to balance being professional and approachable is easily the top reason small businesses do not show up consistently on social media.

The 100 Post System solves each one of these pain points, and does so with only one hour of your time, making it the perfect social media package for any business."

Jasmine Partida




With my unique combination of high-quality design and authentic messaging, I quickly became a highly sought-after digital strategist for companies and nonprofits of any size.

I take complicated, noisy, online spaces and simplify your goals, processes, and messaging before layering in a level of strategy and design to create powerful campaigns that convert. 

I love what I do and I am so thrilled to be able to bring this system to your business.

- Jasmine


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Be unapologetically you.

When creating content for businesses, we want to amplify what makes each business unique and authentic. We do not create strategies, content, or messaging that is standardized, or manipulative in any form. Oftentimes, what makes you unique is what attracts your target client!


Flexibility supports business growth.

We've made the conscious choice to not make our 100 Post Package a required recurring payment. You can book one package every month or every few months, as works best for your needs. There is no auto-renew and no pressure to do so. We understand that each business uses the 100 Post Package in a way that best suits their business growth, and our top priority is to support you. (if you want to save your spot on our calendar, you do have the option to book multiple packages)


No sales calls.

We don't have a sales script we use on calls, no sales team, and no cold calls. We'd much rather spend the time on our meet-and-chat calls getting to know you and hearing a bit about your business than trying to manipulate a conversation into a sale.


Empowering you through access to information.

We want to make sure you fully understand how to get the most leverage from your social media. This is why we do in-depth monthly reporting, offer a free social media course with your purchase, and send recordings of all of our calls so you can ask all the questions you have and always have access to the answers.