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How It Works

The 100 Post System is NOT just creating content for content's sake. 

Our high-converting social media strategy consists of 7 elements.

  1. Objective Focused
  2. Target Audience
  3. Defined Message
  4. Multi-Channel Strategy
  5. Data Analysis
  6. Consistency 
  7. Streamlined Creation Process

The Process

Purchase Your Package

Purchase your package and your welcome email is sent a few minutes later with the link to book your onboarding call. We keep a lot of time open for onboarding calls each week, so you should be able to book within a week of purchase. If you have trouble finding a time that works with your schedule please reach out at


Strategize on Your Call

We strategize your content based on your sales goal, business model, and target audience. From this strategy, our team researches SEO and trends in your industry, and we will send you scripts to film a few days after your call.


Film One Hour of Video

Film your one-hour of video! Send it straight over with no editing or cleaning up at all, we'll take care of it!


We schedule your content to auto-post 

We schedule your content to post to your profiles for you through our online content manager app, where you'll be able to review and approve each post before it goes out!