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Strategy By Industry

While we have created a streamline content creation process with the 100 Post System, we still personalize the strategy of how to best leverage your social media based on your business needs, industry, marketing plan, and target audience.

Here are a few examples from our most commonly served industries.



We Work With All Industries

Here are a few of our current client's industries



Watch Jasmine make 100 posts for our client Tisha by pulling existing content from her YouTube show.

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Be unapologetically you.

When creating content for businesses, we want to amplify what makes each business unique and authentic. We do not create strategies, content, or messaging that is standardized, or manipulative in any form. Oftentimes, what makes you unique is what attracts your target client!


Flexibility supports business growth.

We've made the conscious choice to not make our 100 Post Package a required recurring payment. You can book one package every month or every few months, as works best for your needs. There is no auto-renew and no pressure to do so. We understand that each business uses the 100 Post Package in a way that best suits their business growth, and our top priority is to support you. (if you want to save your spot on our calendar, you do have the option to book multiple packages)


No sales calls.

We don't have a sales script we use on calls, no sales team, and no cold calls. We'd much rather spend the time on our meet-and-chat calls getting to know you and hearing a bit about your business than trying to manipulate a conversation into a sale.


Empowering you through access to information.

We want to make sure you fully understand how to get the most leverage from your social media. This is why we do in-depth monthly reporting, offer a free social media course with your purchase, and send recordings of all of our calls so you can ask all the questions you have and always have access to the answers.



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